Additional services

Accommodation in Khorogh, Ghund, Wakhan/Ishkashim, Bartang, Murgab, Darvaz, Shohdara are available.

Guest house and apartments are mainly based and offered in Khorogh (there are some possibilities for guest houses apart from Khorogh at hot springs in Ishkashim & Ghund valley with single, double & four bed rooms food is also offered). The patriarchal house is often the place where visitors stay during the trip to valleys. These houses are often the place where festivities and musical performances take place. Several generations of the same family used to live in these rectangular houses build from the Zoroastrian and Ismaili cosmology and traditional plan. This construction rests on five pillars, each symbolically bearing the name of the five Ameshaspentas - white holy angels (Arian civilization) or the name of the holy family of the Muslim Prophet.

  • Transfers from Dushanbe to Khorogh and to all cultural sites and valleys in GBAO (we offer 4WD, Toyota, ISUZU, Mitsubishi)
  • Sight and lake seeing in Bartang (the biggest one, Sarez) and in Rivak the small ones (Zirgozqul, Vuzhejkhafqul, Heginefqul) and in Murgab (Zorqul, Qaraqul etc.,)
  • Visa support/GBAO permit
  • We offer Guides and translation services
  • Cultural services: display of making Pamiri handicrafts, (music instruments, carpets etc.) and offer for purchasing music CDs, handicraft, bathing in hot sacred springs in Ghund/Ishkashim/Wakhan districts
  • We offer master training (learning to play pamiri music instruments) music and video recording services


As we will be visiting places of fairly high altitude, there is a very small risk that some people may experience temperate altitude sickness. It is impossible to predict whether or not you will be affected as it has no bearing on weight, age, physical strength etc. It should not be a major problem so as you will be gradually adapted in Dushanbe than in Khorogh administrative center of GBAO after all you will get to the higher altitude. Contact lenses are not recommended at altitude so bring a pair of glasses as a substitute.

Please remember that the sun is stronger at high altitudes also, the cool breeze in the back of the jeep can often give the wrong impression as to how hot it really is. Therefore, please bring some lip-balm, high-factor sun cream and a sun hat.

Health and toiletries

You will need to bring all your own medication and toiletries with you. Once again, the following is not a comprehensive list, just a reminder of recommended things you may not have thought of.


Prices vary according to the valley of the travel, the complexity and the number of participants. Payment should be made in cash with local bill. (Credit cards are not accepted) The national currency is called Somoni (1 US$ = 9,43 Somoni, 1 EUR = 10,80 Somoni) (February. 2019).