Roshtqala/Shohdara valley

After Khorogh the road splits into two branches: one branch follows the Gund River and the other follows Shohdara River.  Later these two roads meet again in the East Pamirs.  14 km from Khorog in the well known Shohdara village Tavdem is the sacred site  "The Tomb of Said Jalol."  Said Jalol is considered a holy person for local people. The tomb is situated inside of a round, covered building in a garden near the Shohdara River. The building was constructed in 1991, before which it was an open sacred site reminiscent of fire worship places in major part of GBAO.  Up in Tusyan village, three kilometers after Tavdem, is the tomb of Shoh Burhoni Vali, a Shia Muslim missioner who has a special place in the hearts of local people. Another burial site worth visiting, this one from Bronze Age, is a remarkable monument north of the Diruj fortress in Jaushangoz.